Poeme Amour

Colours of the wind

The free wind blew fair on
this bight and beautiful morning.
Coloured with a rainbow of love.
it danced through the open window.
Caressing our naked hearts,
it hushed and brushed our thighs with excitement,
then it tickled us with sighs.

How it had changed by mid-afternoon,
blustering around our foul words.
Colouring the fresh air blue it
gusted hard and slammed the doors,
Hurling things across the room.
it flayed her hair and chased her hard,
whipping her from my arms.

Tonight it gathers strength
and rages round my mind.
Colouring my thoughts as
black as the moon-less night.
It rips through my emotions
and pulls me apart in a
whirlwind of immense pain.
How the wind did change so quick
throughout my coloured world.

It blew me hard out to sea,
until I finally came to shore.
Upon the sands of eternal calm,
in a dreamless void I rested.
The saviour of my sanity,
an island of deep sleep.

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