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Island of Love  Format imprimable  Format imprimable

We sat entwined upon our island
of loves encountered, surrounded
by an ocean of paradise.
I close my eyes.
Such a brief moment fills my mind,
the mist clears, the sun is bright.
Her shape shifted into the
Idyllic, sun setting silhouette.
Just for a second, her dreamy eyes
sank into the long shadows.
Musical strings drawn on the
light air, plucked love
from my heart, throbbing in the scent
of your passion.
Your hair fell in showers
around a lasting kiss.
Such a brief encounter.
A single brush of love that,
in moments, strokes my mind.
And paints a beautiful
picture of love,
a true work of heart.
In the warm summer night closing,
I drifted with her, slowly to sleep.

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