Poeme Amour

I Will Find You

The short and bittersweet days of winter give way to spring

And my heart falls in rhythm with the setting sun

Clumsily I fumble, searching in vain for the perfect words

Trying to find a beautiful and poetic way to say goodbye

As if well chosen words could express this clinging feeling

That follows me like a shadow caste in the afternoon light

A shadow that disappears as the earth embraces the dark

Leaving me alone in the cold emptiness of a starless night

Only to reappear petulantly with the dawning of tomorrow

A shadow fashioned from great joy and terrible sadness

All the great inconsistencies born within a young man's soul

Caste by the unconditional love of his imperfect heart

As you walk away I look for such a shadow trailing you

Wondering if my love is as disposable as a rusted tin can

Most people pass through our lives like perfect skipping stones

Barely making a ripple as they hop across the surface

Leaving little in their wake once the waters have settled

Others enter as great comets blazing across the night sky

Briefly amazing and delighting our senses as they pass

Leaving nothing more than memories as they continue on their path

You came into life as gentle as a pebble cast into a golden pond

Barely making a splash as you broke through the surface skin

But quietly creating a rippling wave of cascading circles

Rings that continue endlessly across the unstill waters of my heart

Remember as you say goodbye that if ever you are lost I will find you

Beyond any border between this world and what lies beyond

Across the deepsest gulf of space or between the greatest gap in time

In the most sunless ocean crevice or on the most desolate mountain peak

If ever you can't find your way just call my name and I will find you

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